Timeric — a feature rich Timer for iOS

Timeric is my newest app.

Timeric is a beautiful, feature rich timer app for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

What makes Timeric great

A timer app doesn’t need to be boring or simple. It can be a powerful, feature rich, companion to track time, and that’s where Timery enters.

Timeric allows you to set up to 6 timers, all in one screen at a distance of a single tap and it’s customizable. Name your timers and change their background color.

Focus mode

As it says, Focus on the current running timer.


By long pressing a timer, you’ll be shown it’s settings, where you can change the label of the timer and it’s background color, but you can preset a color palette of your choice, to swap with ease.


With a simple swipe you will access Timeric’s settings, where you can toggle it as you wish, making it perfect for your needs.


Timeric has the two widgets you will ever need in a timer app.

A Looping widget, that runs a preset timer endlessly — restarts automatically.

A Static widget. If you use the same timer on a daily basis, preset a static widget and with a single tap start your timer, right from your Home Screen.


Timeric runs perfectly on your iPad.

Apple Watch

Yes, Timeric is available on the Apple Watch as a standalone app: tap to start/pause; long hold to access its settings, that simple!

And More

  • Timer Sequence: chose between sequential or circular timers
  • When Timer Ends: chose what should happen when a timer runs out: Continues to next Timer/Reset all timers
  • Simultaneos Timers: chose between running a timer at once, or run as many timers as you want
  • Keep the screen awake.
  • Buzzer that beeps in the last 5 seconds of the running timer
  • Haptics
  • Notifications

… and more.

Timeric is available for beta testing on TestFlight.

Reach out, I’m on Twitter @ivancantarino ;)

Edit: the app is now called Timeric, instead of Timery

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