The idea behind Timeric

Timeric is my upcoming Timer app for the iPhone, iPad & Watch, and in this post I’ll explain the how the idea started.

I love board games. It’s a way to spend great family time, it’s funny and challenging.
I was once playing a board game with some relatives and each one of us had a restrict time to play (around 15 seconds), and we all had to take our phones out to track our play time, using the default timer app.

There has to be an app for this

There wasn’t, and that’s when the idea of creating a timer app, that could have multiple timers, playing either in sequence, circular or simultaneously, easy to use with smooth animations was born.

The definitive decision

The definitive decision for creating Timeric came when I was playing chess — yeah, another board game. I love chess, and I like to play 10 minute matches on

This time I wanted to play a 10 minute match with my wife and we had to, again, use our default timer apps to play/pause each turn.

That was when I rolled up my sleeves and started sketching a simple interface that allowed two players to set a timer, tap to play and when you ended your turn, you could tap your timer and it would pause it and start your opponents.

Timeric with 2 Timers, in sequencial mode, with Focus mode ON

6 Timers

Timeric allows you to set up to 6 timers. You can either run them at once, sequentially or in circular mode.

Circular mode was built for the reason I have mentioned above — board games. If you are playing a board game, where each player have a limited time that starts when the previous player ends his turn, _Timeric_ is your best companion. Tap a timer to start, tap it again to pause it and start the next player’s timer.

Timeric with 6 timers

iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Timeric is being prepared to be shipped, meanwhile you can sign for the beta program, to test the app on your devices, via TestFlight.

If you want to say Hi, reach out on Twitter, I’m @ivancantarino & @timeric_app.

Thanks for being awesome 🤩

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