• John Carl Villanueva

    John Carl Villanueva

    Software Evangelist @ JSCAPE | Interested in Infosec, Big Data, Cloud, regulations impacting IT (HIPAA,PCI-DSS,SOX,GLBA...), Java, Linux & connecting w/ you

  • Opportune


    Creating a workforce that cares about the work they do.

  • Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma

    Peaceful soul | SDE2 @Amazon | Ex Lead @Naukri | Car& Gadget Enthusiast | Writer @ Medium | Bollywood Vocalist and love all kind of sports.

  • TroopsHQ


  • Vanessa Costa

    Vanessa Costa

    Psychologist Love arts, design, technology and music!!!!

  • luismvaz


    Work, play, work, play, work.... Co-Founder / Lead Designer @muchbeta, @niiiws @geekslab Something Niiiw just for you http://t.co/STEy0dZN

  • Chype Fluxx

    Chype Fluxx

    Tech enthusiast. Graduate. Music lover.

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